Christmas and New Year greetings by Chief of CIMIC Directorate

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To our International counterparts.

Dear friends, the outgoing year was full of events that changed the world. Not always, these events were intended for good. But with you, we have achieved significant success that will make the world better place in the future.

I am confident that strong Armed forces is the key to the welfare of our citizens, guarantees their confidence in years ahead. It is through your support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine becoming stronger, more compatible and interoperable with NATO forces. The Civil-Military Coordination Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has received significant help from you. By virtue of your work the Directorate was recognized as productive management at all levels. The experience you shared with us throughout the year, was invaluable. As a result of our joint work — the population of eastern Ukraine has received a strong impetus that their Armed forces will never leave them in the lurch.

We pursue common interests and common values ​​unite us. I have great hope that our joint work will continue in a spirit of mutual respect and partnership in 2017.

May Christmas morning bring a new beginning of hope and promise that will lead us to good achievements, inspiring thoughts and expectations.

Best wishes to you for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Yours sincerely,

Colonel Oleksiy Nozdrachov 
Chief of CIMIC Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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Іван Кришталь

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